Questra World International Conference

Questra World International Conference
Place of event
United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Crescent Road, Atlantis The Palm, Dubai 5*
Date of event
17 – 23 February 2018
Place quantity
300 people
Table of events
  • Presentation of the development strategy
  • Announcement of the latest news and events
  • Meeting with managers and directors
  • Trainings and master classes
  • Best Speakers Millionaires
  • Award Ceremony
  • Rest and the best entertainment in Dubai
  • and much more

Perform within 3 months from June 14 to October 1, 2017, the personal qualification of the minimum sales volume of Atlantic Global Asset Management products at € 65.610, which equals the personally sold portfolio of the “Indigo” investor or other portfolios sales the amount, and go for free at the Questra World expense to an international conference that will be held November 5-10, 2017 in the United Arab Emirates - Dubai.

To attend the “Autumn Vacations with Questra World” event, there will be 300 vacant seats distributed among the Directors who have reached the bonus of 20.000,00 QP and the Agents who will fulfill the qualification requirements for the promotion.

In order to give a chance for each director to attend an international conference in Dubai, Questra World created special conditions. The experience of past promotions was taken into account, during which many directors who did not fulfill the conditions of promotion, applied to the company with an offer to pay for their own rest and trip only so that they were given the opportunity to attend this unique training event.

Having conducted a study of the directors and agents of the Questra World, who were at an international conference in Turkey and those who were absent on it, it was also revealed that the agents and directors attended the event subsequently increased their incomes at least three times in the course of the next three months, in contrast to those who did not join the event.

In order that the directors of Questra World will be guaranteed to get to the event in Dubai and they could not be overtaken by other agents, it was decided to provide for each director who has reached the bonus of 20.000 QP the opportunity to book by October 1, 2017 for himself/herself a place at the conference by getting a special free ticket in his/her personal account.

Having received the ticket, the director thereby reserves a place for the conference, and after fulfilling promotion conditions flies for free to an international conference, which will be held November 5-10, 2017 in the United Arab Emirates - Dubai.

In case the director who achieved the bonus of 20.000 QP cannot qualify for € 65.610,00 and fly for free, then on October 1, 2017 for each director who has reached the bonus of 20.000 QP, the Questra World advertising broker will provide a unique opportunity to attend the event at his/her own expense. On October 1, 2017, for all directors who have a ticket for the event in their personal account will be activated an option to pay a part of the trip cost of € 3.000,00 funds from the personal account in both Questra World's and the Atlantic Global Asset Management. In this case, the remaining, most of the funds for the trip to the international conference in Dubai is provided free of charge by the Questra World advertising broker as a gratitude for the active work and for the director development.

Having statistics and creating conditions for promotion, the management of the Questra World broker has decided, in order to help increase the Directors' knowledge and skills and, correspondingly, increase their incomes, to make an attendance at an international conference in Dubai compulsory for agents in the title of “Director” from the 6th level and above who have reached bonuses of 20.000 QP, as well as for agents who will become directors and will achieve a bonus of 20.000 QP for the period June 14 – October 1, 2017.

In case of missing an event for an agent in the title of “Director” a fine of 10.000 QP. Terms of promotion offer two levels of qualification, the status of “Standard” and the status of “VIP”, which differ from each other by the living conditions of the agent, the level and the number of provided recreation methods, and the opportunity to take with them one guest for a joint trip. The “Standard” status or the “VIP” status is automatically assigned to the agent depending on his/her achieved bonus in Questra World.

  • The “Standard” status is assigned to directors who have reached the bonus of 20.000 QP, as well as to agents who have completed the qualification and personal sales volume of 65.610 QP and higher.
  • The “VIP” status is assigned to directors who have reached the bonus of 150.000 QP, regardless of whether they have fulfilled the qualification or fly to the promotion for their ticket in the private account to participate in the promotion.

To fulfill the terms of the promotion, only your personal sales volume as an agent is taken into account. All agents’ statistics and the calculation of sales will be recorded automatically in the personal account of each Questra World agent.

Any Agent who wanted to fulfill his/her dream and go instead of the cold autumn for the Autumn Vacations with Questra World in Dubai, now has chance to do it with minimal effort. This is our “sunny” gift to the most active agents of Questra World and our way to thank you for cooperating with us.

Additional Information

In case if the partner books airplane tickets and flies on his/her own, he/she receives from Questra World compensation for the flight at a rate of 400 QP at the end of the promotion.

List of documents for the trip:

All documents required for travel are to be submitted no later than October 10, 2017

  • color scanned photo size 3.5 x 4.5 cm in JPG format
  • color scanned copy of the first page of the passport in JPG format
First name Second name Type