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Career ladder and rewards

For clients of the company who want to receive more profits and rewards, the Questra World advertising broker provides two types of income.

The first type of income is the percentage of profitability from sales of products of partner companies, according to the career ladder of the agent who entered into an agreement with the broker Questra World. When a customer buys investment portfolios on the recommendation of Questra World agent, the agent is rewarded for advertising and promoting the company as a percentage of the value of the product sold by the agent, according to his career level.

The second type of reward is a bonus program. Reaching the levels of the career ladder and fulfilling the conditions of the program, the agent in addition to the percentage of income receives pleasant cash bonuses at each level of the career ladder.


As we grow in our professional activities, our agents climb the steps of the career ladder consisting of 13 levels. The growth of the level is accompanied by an increase in the percentage of profitability. Also, by fulfilling certain conditions, agents receive one-time bonuses in the form of bonuses, and on the last levels of real estate and yachts.

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