US President supports network marketing

We all heard about the eccentric US president, Donald Trump. But not everyone remembers that besides the presidency of a huge country, Donald Trump is also one of the most successful businessmen in the modern world. Not so long ago, the US president expressed his opinion that network marketing is a powerful way of earning money. He also shared the basic rules of successful trading.

Trump’s rules:

Leadership skills 

First of all, if you start trading, you need to be self-confident. After all, in today's world only leaders can hope for success. Develop this quality in yourself. Get out of the comfort zone and start making money on it. 

2. Sociability 

Network marketing means the sales. It is impossible to sell the product to people if you are afraid to talk to them. The essence of network marketing in the cancellation of advertising a product, you must become its advertising.

3. Be passionate 

It is impossible to succeed in a field that is repugnant to you. Be interested in sales and what you sell. Seeing the spark in your eyes, people themselves will start looking for you. 

4. You are company's image

Remember that you must understand the product that you are selling. Lack of awareness and dislike for their work scare off all potential buyers. Also remember that you are responsible for everything that you advertise

5. Surround yourself with like-minded people 

Mr. Trump says that he once started the business when all his friends did not understand his ideas. A successful businessman advises you to surround yourself with like-minded people who will nurture your motivation to work.

6. Do not hurry  

Do not expect an immediate purchase of the villa for the first week of work. Be patient with yourself. All this will come with time. For now, gradually build up the base of your future customers. This is where you put your first brick of the villa.

Donald Trump about the myth of network marketing:

"You can often hear that network marketing is a pyramid. Actually this is not true. Your job as an office clerk is a pyramid. You can sit in one place for years and receive all the same pennies. Network marketing is created in order to constantly raise you to a higher level. After all, it cannot prosper if its participants remain on the same level. The world provides a huge number of chances for earning. Hurry to grab them."