Myths about network marketing

Network marketing is a big trading system. Its essence lies in the presence of different levels of involvement in the organization of the process. So, for example, there is an organization that sells its products to customers. These customers, in turn, sell their goods to others, acting as intermediaries. In this scheme, profits can be obtained as active, from the sale of their goods, and passive, from the sale of goods by your intermediary clients.

Main misconceptions

Nowadays, there are a lot of misconceptions about this business. It is equated to schemes for deceiving people. Is this really so? Consider the main misconceptions:

Network marketing is a monetary pyramid. In fact, this is not so. According to the principles of running such a business, you will never be obliged to buy a certain quantity of products per month, and you will not be required to attract people. The products from such companies have an adequate price and are useful for the client.
In such schemes, only those earn, who are at the top level. This is not true. In large organizations, all participants are given the opportunity to earn a good salary.
To work here you must constantly offer all your neighbours, friends and acquaintances to buy your products. This approach is less and less common. Modern organizations are engaged in the implementation of their services via the Internet.
It is a big and easy money. This is a very common misconception. To earn here, you must clearly follow certain rules and work hard. This is by no means always easier than the usual work for hire.

In fact, network marketing is interesting and it is not a financial pyramid. It is very important to be able to distinguish between these two concepts, since they have common qualities.  Unlike the financial pyramids, here you will never be required to buy it is not clear that for a lot of money, as here are engaged in the implementation of goods or services useful to people.