What is Leadership?

It is impossible to create a company with a strong and friendly team without strong leadership abilities. 

Thanks to leadership skills, the company reaches great heights. But not all people...

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Why do we need trainings?

Any businessman would like to see that his employees are highly qualified specialists who know exactly what they are doing. Although in our time very rarely there are such workers, this does not...

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Myths about network marketing

Network marketing is a big trading system. Its essence lies in the presence of different levels of involvement in the organization of the process. So, for example, there is an organization that...

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US President supports network marketing

We all heard about the eccentric US president, Donald Trump. But not everyone remembers that besides the presidency of a huge country, Donald Trump is also one of the most successful businessmen in...

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How to develop leadership skills

At Leadership training events that are regularly held around the world, Questra World experts not only talk about the product sold by its partners, but also help people to become more successful in...

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The most common mistakes of MLM

Despite the reputation tainted by ill-wishers, the network marketing is a great way to work in a convenient schedule, without having a special training, and at the same time to earn well. The main...

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