About us

Questra World Company provides services of marketing strategies development and implementation aimed to improve customer business, create Internet platforms and organize informational and educational events.

Our mission

Our mission is to become the number one advertising company in the world, providing all partners of company, as well as its employees and agents, with a stable and guaranteed result in the goals achievement.

Our principles

The main principle of our company – people and attitude to them are the most important things in Questra World, and everything else are secondary tasks.

Jose Manuel Gilabert

Chief Executive Officer

A professional with 23 years of experience in the management of large companies in senior leadership positions.


Jose Manuel Gilabert has been taking part in establishment and development of more than 16 large European and American companies including his own since 1993. Among them: JM Gilaber Bautista, Canned Vegetables Factory, Union Brothers, Hispania Ibericam Foods, Pegasus Corporation, Proindes Films, Chile West Group, Premium Traiding International and many others. After Mr. Gilabert became the Head of Questra World, it began to develop rapidly under his leadership. Thanks to the proposed development plan, the company entered new markets and consolidated its position on the old ones. Jose Manuel Gilabert is Master of business management, aristocrat, businessman and philanthropist. He is proficient in 4 languages.

Questra World


Thousands of partners can confirm: cooperation with us is the key to a successful career and a happy life!

Of the company
The income of employees
has increased
with Questra World

Our team

Questra World Company holds an opinion that honestly motivated employees who believe in the business they do show the greatest dedication.

We taught tens of thousands partners

In 2017, we held trainings for partners in more than 21 countries around the world.

We finance your offices

For each open consulting center of yours, we provide up to 1 500 QP financial assistance monthly.

Grand holidays for directors

Twice a year we spend vacations for the best Questra World partners at the expense of the company in the most beautiful places of the world.